Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful on a Friday

 I think  أحمد خالد توفيق said it best when he said“تحبین الأطفال ؟.. برافو .. لكنھم طبعًا ھؤلاء الأطفال الذين يظھرون على علب الألبان الصناعیة .. لو استطعت أن تحبي طفلاً قذرًا فقیرًا مبلل الثیاب يتزاحم الذباب والمخاط حول وجھه فأنا أقر لك بأنك أنثى كاملة..”.
I'm sorry if you don't read Arabic. That's really something you should work on to become a better blog reader and thereby a more productive member of society. If you'd like to take a moment to self reflect on your shortcomings as a person, I'll wait. 

 Okay, now that you are done with that I'll get on with my Thankful Friday post. I'm sorry my thankfulness is not alliteratively pleasing. Hopefully my thankfulness on a day other than Thursday doesn't offend you. 

 Today I am thankful for my children. I'll be thankful for Gideon first because he's my favorite. Kidding, I just had him first so it makes sense.

   Gideon was born on September 9, 2010 after a 10 hour induced labor. I will not bore you with the details of my delivery, but know that there were lots of blood, guts, screaming and a fair amount of violence. Also, the delivery doctor said that was the last child he would ever deliver and then something about "crazy mother", "satan", "afterbirth", "never be the same.." or whatever. I was all drugged up and not really listening so he may have said something different. Or not at all. 

 So, yes.. we got off to a very rough start. In the three years that followed, G has grown up to be quite the amazing toddler. I know, I know, every parent thinks their child is amazing. You are all wrong. Mine is the most amazing. Except for this kid. He's way more awesome. If I could choose one word to describe my son, it would be "sweet". That is exactly what he is. He is always there to help me out whenever I need it. Perhaps it is his age, but more likely I think it is his personality. He is very smart, very helpful, and also very contrary (which I would like to attribute to his age, but perhaps he did get something from me after all). He loves to learn, forever asking questions- most of which I do not know the answer to so we resort to Google or "wait until Daddy gets home and we'll ask him". You really can't blame me here, what stay-at-home mother knows whether or not Ironman is allowed into Asgard even though he is a "mere mortal" or if a GPS works on a submarine or why there are bad guys? He is his father made over- in looks, actions, and feelings. He's a daddy's boy through and through and he will be the first to tell you!

 Ariella "Aardvark" was born on July 6, 2012. That was the happiest day of my life. Unlike Gideon's labor and delivery, Arie's was easy. It was natural. It felt like everything I imagined a labor should feel like and it gave me closure. The first words I said after she was born were, "She's so beautiful". FYI- she wasn't. She was born at 36 weeks and 6 days and still covered in vernix (cheese) and was all wrinkly. She was gross. But, I guess I got an extra dose of that mommy hormone that clouded my vision and made me think my baby was the most beautiful baby in the world (again, let me make this clear, she was not). Then she got cleaned off and wouldn't you know it- she was actually pretty cute. We bonded immediately.  She has always been a momma's girl. She loves her mom more than anyone and that makes my heart happy. She and I are also very much alike... which doesn't exactly thrill me. Like me, she is very sensitive. We first noticed this on a long car ride when she was a couple of months old. We would hit a bump in the road, someone would cough, someone would *think* of coughing and she would immediately start crying. Anything that interrupted her current atmosphere hurt her feelings. She often laughs so much she coughs, the coughing then turns to crying. So basically my daughter is so happy that it upsets her and she cries. Yeah- she definitely got that from me. She is so sensitive, but still so loving. She is also very adventurous, which I believe she also gets from me. She is our climber, our risk taker. Actions now, consequences later.

My children are some of my greatest blessings. Motherhood is a blessing. I am thankful God entrusted them to me. Don't get me wrong, that causes me to question his judgement a little bit, but he's done this a time or two before so I assume He knows what He's doing and this wasn't an oversight on his part. Right, God....... right??

All in all we are a very blessed family. We haven't suffered any major illnesses. We are healthy. We are happy. We love and we are loved. That is what I am thankful for today!

If I could sum up my kids in a single picture, this would be it. G was crying because I made him wake up from a nap and that's a tough thing for a 3 year old person to do. A was crying because I wanted to cuddle her after she fell off of a desk and she just wanted to climb back up. (and that laundry basket full of clothes in the background is, coincidentally, why I was crying).

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